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Hard Water Conditioner

Pipe Location


Install one set (two halves) on the cold water pipe, after the water meter - and before the hot water tank inlet. 


Install one set on the hot water outlet pipe.

Household System - Contains two Sets (Hot and Cold water)


Simply align two half units opposing each other (units will repel). Loosely fasten bolt and wing nut through holes on one side of units. 

Position around pipe and repeat procedure on other side. Tighten wing nuts so assembled set is secure and centered along pipe.


  • Installs in seconds.  No plumbing.  No tools.  Simply clamps on water pipes and silently goes to work when the water flows.  Has no moving parts to wear out. It lasts forever!
  • Water feels softer Soap works better. Clothes become cleaner. Hair is softer and silkier.  Unsightly lime scale and stains are reduced and easily wipe away.
  • Water tastes and smells better(foul sulfur and chlorine odors are greatly reduced).
  • Kitchens and bathrooms will look new again.  Ugly stains on sinks, tubs and toilets begin to soften and clean up.
  • Laundry becomes easier.  Use less detergents and softeners while getting whiter, brighter and softer laundry without soap residue. Delicate fabrics will last longer.
  • Increased water pressure will result as scale build up in pipes is reduced.
  • Saves money year after year!  Saves up to 30% of your hot water heating costs.  Water heaters will no longer be coated with that hard water scale that "robs you" on your hot water heating bills.


No-salt Solution

for Home Hard Water Problems

Magna-Tek's magnetic no-salt solution for home hard water problems is today's healthy answer to home water treatment, hard water problems and well water treatment options.  This simple water softener alternative fights hard water....without chemicals