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Magna-tek Magnetic Hard Water Conditioner And Descaler For Cooling Towers, Boilers And Heat Exchangers

The Magna-Tek magnetic hard water conditioner and descaler for cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive water treatment chemicals.  Our Magna-Tek hard water solution has been used for over 20 years in many industrial and commercial applications.  It is often referred to as a no-salt magnetic water softener because no salt or chemicals are required. 


  • Prevents formation of scale build-up
  • Removes existing scale
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Protects valuable equipment
  • Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
  • Portable, easy to install (no plumbing or cutting of pipes)
  • No electricity or maintenance to operate
  • Never needs replacement (no moving parts to wear out)
  • Saves money year after year……while protecting the environment

Industrial/ Commercial