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Magnetic Water Treatment - For Hard Water Problems

Powerful Magnetic Collars for Industrial and Commercial Water Lines

Hard Water Conditioner

 hard water problems - home and industry

AquaMagna  Saltless Magnetic Water Softener

‚ÄčMagna-Tek's AquaMagna no-salt magnetic water softener inexpensively helps solve most hard water problems.  Our hard water treatment solution is often referred to as a saltless or no-salt water softener because  no salt or chemicals are required.  It works for home water treatment as well as many industrial and commercial applications.  In most cases, the Magna-Tek saltless magnetic water softener replaces the need for any other home water treatment or well water treatment solutions. 

It simply fastens on your water line:

  • prevents formation of scale build up

  • removes existing scale

  • totally maintenance free

  • protects valuable equipment

  • Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer

  • portable, easy to install (no plumbing or cutting of pipes)

  • no electricity or maintenance to operate

  • never needs replacement (no moving parts to wear out)

  • Saves money year after year....while protecting the environment